About CMI

First license for CMI invention

CMI rare-earth recycling invention, by researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Idaho National Laboratory, is licensed to U.S. Rare Earths.  This brings CMI one step closer to meeting a major goal of developing at least one technology that becomes adopted by U.S. companies in each of three areas:

  • Diversifying supply
  • Developing substitutes
  • Improving reuse and recycling

Ramesh Behave at ORNL talks to InvestorIntel (7:51). Eric Peterson at INL describes the process to KIDK news (2:54).

CMI Highlights

Watch this video to see CMI teamwork in action at the 2015 annual meeting, held Aug. 4-6 at Idaho National Laboratory.  Thanks to INL and Colorado School of Mines for creating the video, which runs nearly six minutes.