Meet CMI Researcher Ryan Ott

CMI researcher Ryan Ott leads the CMI project on rapid assessment methodologies.  This includes using 3d printing for discovering new materials and this video on The Ames Laboratory's YouTube channel

He's also The Ames Laboratory’s lead researcher on a project to help improve the processing techniques to reclaim rare-earth materials. The project harnesses fundamental materials science to help address possible shortages in rare earths, which are necessary ingredients in many green-energy technologies.

“At heart, we need to do fundamental research to solve many of the big scientific challenges we are facing,” says Ott. “My goal is to provide the connection between that fundamental science and an application to create new technologies.”

The Ames Laboratory is helping Ott reach his goals, and he hopes to stay and establish a research group that focuses on a range of topics that are important to energy technologies.

“Here at the Ames Lab there is just a large amount of materials synthesis and research capability,” says Ott. “Working here puts you in contact with collaborators and staff that are just excellent sources of knowledge. That’s especially notable in rare-earth research, where Ames Lab has very long and distinguished history.”

Read more about Ryan Ott on The Ames Laboratory website, including a feature story and his background and key publications.