CMI Industry Survey 2017

Please take 10 to 15 minutes to tell us about your organization and its worforce needs, helping the Critical Materials Institute to serve you better. In the survey below, we are addressing three topics: professional development; delivery mechanisms; and hiring and recruiting.

Are you and your organization involved in process engineering and production?
Are you and your organization involved in materials research and development?
Are you and your organization interested in professional development or continuing education courses in the following areas?
Converting ore to metal
Process engineering
Manufacturing products with critical materials
Developing materials
Characterizing materials
Environmental Impacts
Techno-Economic Analysis
How are you interested in receiving the delivery of professional development/training or continuing education?
Webinar series
Short courses (example: 3-5 day credit courses, face to face)
Workshop (example: 1-2 concentrated days of work on a topic, face to face)
Online courses for certification
Residential or online courses for college credit
Internships or postdoc experiences
Engineer-in-residence experiences
Additional delivery methods and types that you would like to consider can be shared in the comment box below.
Would you or your organization hire a person with the following credentials? Please mark as many categories needed to represent your hiring practices.
Associate Degree
Bachelor Degree
Masters Degree
Doctorate Degree
Postdoctoral Experience
Previous Experience
Please list any other degrees, certifications and/or specialties considered/desired in the comment box below:
Do you hire from a list of preferred institutions?
Do you recruit talent at professional meetings/conferences?
Do you train employees in house?
Do you send employees to external training?
Would you like to see CMI feature young talent on our website and publications?
Should CMI host a job board on its website?
Are you willing to talk with CMI personnel more in-depth about your workforce needs and compulsory training curriculum desired?
If you would like to be contacted, include your contact information here.