Meet CMI Director Chris Haase

image of Chris Haase, CMI Director

Chris Haase became the Director of Critical Materials Institute on June 25, 2018. In announcing the selection of Haase, Ames Laboratory Director Adam Schwartz said, “CMI is poised to begin its next five years as a powerhouse of energy innovation and critical materials solutions, and I am thrilled Dr. Haase will lead CMI during this crucial next phase.”

As the new Director of CMI, Haase plans to use his unique blend of technical knowledge and operational planning to expand CMI’s diversity of funding sponsors to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Institute. “I am excited to help CMI continue to increase its partnerships and collaborations on innovative projects that bridge fundamental and applied sciences for market-relevant technological breakthroughs,” Haase said. 

Throughout his career, Haase has served in many roles focused on early-stage technology and product development, joint industry partnerships, and innovation projects in energy. Most recently, he was worked at GE Ventures, with entrepreneurs-in-residence to develop and deliver new business solutions. Additional information is available in this Ames Laboratory news release announcing Haase as the CMI director