Teacher Workshop 2018

CMI teacher workshop at Colorado School of Mines

Teacher workshop participants at Colorado School of Mines learn about CMI and critical materials.

Teachers Take Resources and Knowledge Back to the Classroom:  Aug. 10-11, CMI offered a workshop for 10 teachers to provide lessons developed by teacher researchers that centered on the CMI outreach toolkit. 

During an evening session, student aide Vivian Johnson skillfully guided teachers through the CMI exhibit at the Colorado School of Mines geology museum. The workshop included lessons developed and delivered by two past teacher researchers. Two teachers who initially vetted the toolkit kept the audience engaged for the day. 

The workshop started with introductory lessons in geology and mining of materials given by Mr. Mark Leatherman; followed by a lesson in phosphors and energy efficient lighting by Dr. Danielle Ladd, and a lesson in engineering materials and recycling by Mr. Matt Brown. Teachers gained knowledge of critical materials and resources for deploying lessons in their classroom this year. The workshop included an overview of how to contact CMI for school visits, museum visit opportunities and the online tool kit check out process at the museum.