CMI at Mines Hosts 160 Sixth Graders

Colorado School of Mines graduate student Mandi Hutchinson shows a compact  fluorescent light bulb as she discusses the use of critical materials and rare earths in  current technologies. The Denver School of Science and Technology’s (DSST) College View sixth graders visited the Colorado School of Mines campus on Wednesday, July 8, for their fourth annual visit. More than 160 students enjoyed critical materials and energy presentations delivered by the Critical Materials Institute (CMI), the Colorado Fuel Cell Center, the Advanced Water Technology Center (AQWATEC), and the Geology Museum.


Colorado School of Mines Economics and Business Professor Jim Horan is igniting a balloon filled with hydrogen to demonstrate the differences in the properties of hydrogen and helium.Special presentations included Mandi Hutchinson, Mines graduate student, highlighting the use of critical metals and rare earths in current technologies and energy, and REU program teacher researcher Dr. Danielle Ladd, a Jefferson County high school chemistry and physics teacher, highlighting chemical reactions and fuel cell technologies.



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