2017 Annual Meeting

CMI leaders and researchers at the 2017 CMI annual meeting

The Critical Materials Institute annual meeting was held August 29-31, 2017, hosted by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.


image of CMI leaders and advisory board members

CMI leadership met with the CMI Advisory Board* during the annual meeting. Pictured right: Eric Schwegler, lead, crosscutting research; *Ryan Richards, Mines; *Adam Schwartz, Ames Laboratory; Rod Eggert, CMI deputy director; Carol Handwerker, lead, improving reuse and recycling; Dan Ginosar, deputy, improving reuse and recycling; Yoshiko Fujita, deputy, crosscutting research; Brian Sales, deputy, developing substitutes; Cynthia Feller, operations manager; Alex King, CMI director; *Sadas Shankar, Harvard; Bruce Moyer, lead, diversifying supply; *Gretchen Baier, Chair; Tom Lograsso, lead, developing substitutes. In attendance but not pictured: *Richard Hess, INL and *Glenn Fox, LLNL.


The cover of the 2017 CMI annual report shows residue from a rare earth separation process, in image by Trevor Riedemann, Ames Laboratory Materials Preparation CenterThe CMI annual report is available as a pdf file. This 20-page publication was available in print at the annual meeting.

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