Meet the CMI Researchers

CMI researchers create new phosphors
At left, Nerine Cherepy of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory displays commercial phosphors (six samples from bottom left of semi-circle) and phosphors being developed by LLNL and collaborators as replacements (five on right). LLNL, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and GE are working to improve the efficiency of the new phosphors to replace commercial phosphors. Inset: The CMI phosphor team members include (from left) Paul Martinez, Cherepy, Zach Seeley, Kiel Holliday, Ich Tran, Nick Harvey and Steve Payne. Not shown are Daniel Aberg and Fei Zhou. Photo from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: available for download with story "Better fluorescent lighting through physics," Oct. 7, 2015

Critical Materials Institute research is conducted at multiple locations in more than 30 projects. Projects focus on critical materials and rare earth elements in several ways, including diversifying supply, developing substitutes, and improving research and recycling. Follow these links to learn about CMI researchers and their research: