CMI Affiliates

CMI Affiliates:

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ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility, industry, and transport and infrastructure customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. Each year we dedicate around $1.5 billion to fund research and development activities driven by our 8,500 technologists in our four divisions and seven corporate research centers. The ABB Group of companies operates in roughly 100 countries and employs about 140,000 people.

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ASTM International

ASTM International

ASTM International

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Barr Engineering Co.

Barr Engineering Co. provides engineering and environmental services to clients in the manufacturing, mining, power, and refining industries, to natural-resource management organizations, and to others with complex problems. Our areas of expertise include environmental permitting and compliance assistance, engineering and design of structures and processes, assessment and remediation of contaminated sites, and water resources management. Incorporated as an employee-owned firm in 1966, Barr has over 750 employees and offices in Minneapolis, Duluth, and Hibbing, Minnesota; Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids, Michigan; Jefferson City, Missouri; Bismarck, North Dakota; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Calgary, Alberta.

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Dynamic Recycling

Dynamic Recycling is a full service IT asset disposition, electronics recycling, scrap purchasing, and data security corporation with locations in Onalaska, WI and Nashville, TN. Since the organization’s 2007 inception, Dynamic Recycling has become an industry leader by building authentic relationships with clients based on integrity, service quality and consistency, as well as maximizing value recovery. From global e-scrap purchasing, and full spectrum ITAD services, to large scale de-manufacturing, and cell phone recycling, Dynamic Recycling is constantly evolving to provide customers with cost effective, environmentally sustainable, and confidential solutions in processing electronic assets.

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First Solar

First Solar is a global leader in photovoltaic (PV) solar energy solutions. The company provides solutions to contemporary energy problems, reducing the risk of fuel price volatility with reliable and bankable PV solutions. First Solar is taking energy forward, and providing comprehensive solar solutions to diversify.

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Intermolecular® is the trusted partner for advanced materials innovation. Advanced materials are at the core of innovation in the 21st century for a wide range of industries, including semiconductors, consumer electronics, automotive, and aerospace. With its substantial materials expertise, accelerated learning and experimentation platform, and information and analytics infrastructure, Intermolecular has a ten-year track record helping leading companies accelerate and de-risk materials innovation. The company provides materials exploration, discovery and characterization services through its IMI Labs offering, and licenses a variety of materials products through its IMI Discoveries product offering.

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Marshallton manufactures specialty extractants for the isolation and purification of rare earth elements. Capabilities include the design and synthesis of novel compounds for targeted applications. From grams to 100’s of kilograms. Concept through commercialization.

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Momentum Technologies

Currently, less than 1% of rare earth elements are recycled due to inefficient collection and recycling processes. Momentum Technologies is overcoming these obstacles with two proprietary technologies created by the Critical Materials Institute in order to bring sustainability to the rare earth market.

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Montana Tech

Montana Tech of The University of Montana is a leader in STEM education. It is one of the few institutions in the United States that maintains a broad spectrum of minerals and energy engineering degree programs that are accredited by ABET.  The vision for the Center for Advanced Mineral and Metallurgical Processing (CAMP) is to become an internationally recognized research center in materials science and engineering.  Current rare earth element research at Montana Tech uses advanced processing technologies to recover and concentrate rare earth elements from primary and secondary resources.

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The Mosaic Company (NYSE: MOS) is the world's leading producer and marketer of concentrated phosphate and potash. It employs approximately 9,000 people in six countries and participates in every aspect of crop nutrition development.

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Native American Mining Solutions (NAMS)

Native American Mining Solutions, of Kennewick, Washington, is a start-up mining company focused on developing the cleanest, most effective, environmentally safe direction to capture the strategic and precious metals in its alluvial sands.

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National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

NASA is the United States government agency that is responsible for the civilian space program as well as aeronautics and aerospace research. It is headquartered in Washington DC and is composed of 10 research and flight field centers located throughout the United States. It was chartered in 1958 and has been responsible for unique scientific and technological achievements in human space flight, space science, space applications, and aeronautics. These efforts have resulted in widespread impacts on our nation, the world, and our understanding of the universe around us. NASA is also heavily involved in outreach and public education through award-winning educational web sites, major exhibitions in museums and science centers, partnerships with minority universities, and research projects that allow students and teachers to participate in NASA missions.

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National Energy Technology Laboratory(NETL)

NETL, the Department of Energy's fossil energy research lab, has expertise in the areas of Energy Conversion Engineering, Materials Engineering, Geological & Environmental Systems, Systems Engineering and Analysis, Computational Science and Engineering, and Program Execution and Integration. Most recently, NETL is developing intramural and extramural research capabilities for separation and extraction of rare earth elements from coal and coal by-products.

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Niron Magnetics, Inc.

Niron Magnetics, Inc. is the leader in developing iron nitride magnets. Iron nitride is the most promising candidate to replace rare earth magnets, the best-performing magnetic materials today. Bulk iron nitride magnets were first demonstrated by Professor Jian-Ping Wang of the University of Minnesota in 2013. Since then, Niron has been working to improve the properties of iron nitride and develop commercial production. First principles calculations suggest that iron nitride magnets should eventually have twice the performance of rare earths. At the same time, the cost of producing magnets made with cheap, abundant and environmentally friendly iron and nitrogen should be a dramatic improvement.

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Phinix, LLC

Phinix, LLC

Logo for CMI affiliate Prairie Research Institute

Prairie Research Institute

The Prairie Research Institute is a multidisciplinary research unit charged with providing objective research, expertise, and data on the natural and cultural resources of Illinois. The Institute is the home of the Illinois State Scientific Surveys at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The Surveys have been helping keep the state’s economy, environment, and people prosperous and secure for over 160 years.

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PrintSpace is an advanced manufacturing company that develops superior, cutting-edge 3D printing technology that enables professionals and students to dream, create, and contribute.

At PrintSpace we believe in giving people their own “space” to rapidly create. Our goalsis to allow professionals and technical students to be more productive by rapidly prototyping and creating end-use parts for their industry.

Our vision is to be the number one go-to company for professionals and technical education for 3D printing products and services. As a brand professionals trust, we excel in superior products and customer service. We are experts in materials and lead technical advancements in the additive manufacturing industry.

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Currently, China produces over 90% of the rare earth elements (REEs) in the world due to its vertically integrated REE industry, low environmental standards, and price competitiveness in the market. While the demand for neodymium (Nd) and dysprosium (Dy) continues to rise with the production of new electronics, clean energy technologies, and national defense systems reliant on NdFeB magnets, the world remains nearly entirely dependent on China. Utilizing a patented process, REEcycle reclaims Nd and Dy, two critical rare earth elements, from discarded NdFeB magnets found in electronic waste. This in turn creates a secondary sustainable supply of REE within the United States.

logo for CMI Affiliate Shiloh

Shiloh Industries, Inc.

Shiloh Industries, Inc. is a leading global supplier of lightweighting, noise and vibration solutions to the automotive, commercial vehicle and industrial segments, capable of delivering solutions in aluminum, magnesium, steel and high-strength steel alloys to original equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

The company offers the broadest portfolio of lightweighting solutions in the industry through its BlankLight®, CastLight™ and StampLight™ brands. Shiloh designs and manufactures components in body, chassis and powertrain systems with expertise in precision blanks, ShilohCore acoustic laminates, aluminum and steel laser welded blanks, complex stampings, modular assemblies, aluminum and magnesium die casting, as well as precision machined components.

Shiloh has over 3,100 dedicated employees with operations, sales and technical centers throughout Asia, Europe and North America.  Lightweighting without Compromise®

logo for CMI affiliate Tasman Metals

Tasman Metals, Ltd.

Tasman Metals, Ltd. is a Canadian mineral exploration and development company focused on critical metals including Rare Earth Elements (REE’s) and tungsten (W) in Scandinavia. Tasman is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol “TSM” and the NYSE-MKT under the symbol “TAS”. Tasman's exploration portfolio is uniquely placed, with the capacity to deliver critical metals from politically stable, mining friendly jurisdictions with developed infrastructure and skills. The Company’s Norra Karr and Olserum projects in Sweden are two of the most significant heavy REE resources in the world, enriched in dysprosium, yttrium, terbium and neodymium. The Company is now focused on the safe, sustainable and responsible development of its Scandinavian mineral portfolio. Here's a link to the Tasman Metals news release.

logo for CMI affiliate Urban Mining

Thor ORE

Thor ORE is a startup based in Central Florida that focuses on developing a nanofiltration system to extract critical and strategic material from mining waste and recycle streams. Thor ORE is focusing on extracting Rare Earth Elements and Uranium from phosphoric acid and other industrial waste and recycle streams. By capturing these resources we can diversify the supply chain, reduce our dependence on foreign Rare Earths Elements and mitigate the environmental damage from these streams.

logo for CMI affiliate Urban Mining

Urban Mining

Urban Mining is an electronics recycling company that is based in Jacksonville, Florida.


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